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Top 3 legit essay writing services (2021 review)

It is hard to imagine a life of a modern student without take-home writing assignments. Some get used to them and develop solid writing skills by the time they graduate. However, there are also many of those who find it hard and unproductive to spend evenings and nights on boring essays. That is the main reason why legit essay writing services’ popularity is growing each year.

If you are looking into hiring legal essay writers, we have prepared a review of three some of the most popular writing services as of 2021: – is famous for the cheap prices, top quality and fast, on-time delivery; – is hosting some of the best writers and a variety of services. – is known for their long-time reliability and trustworthiness;

To assess these services objectively, we have tasked three experienced essay writing experts to each take a separate service to analyze. Their job was to have hands-on experience with each legitimate service and to actually go ahead and test these companies by placing an order, talking to support personnel, and cooperating with the actual writers wherever applicable. Below you can find their comprehensive reviews.


Reviewed by essay expert from VPNWelt Florian Berg is a perfect example of how a steady natural selection among essay writing services can nurture a perfect go-to service for the modern-day student. This service meets the two most important students’ requirements – they’re prices are cheap, they’re legal and they work fast. However, cheap does not mean any significant compromises in the quality – the price-performance balance is just right to deliver a good quality paper in time and without stealing your day’s budget.

They managed to get my assignment done within two business days – my bright and shiny bespoke essay was waiting for me in the email box on the evening of the second day since I placed the order. My overall impression – very well done, both in terms of text composition (I placed a particular emphasis on sound structure and originality) and communication with me as a capricious client.

Extra Perks: a fast delivery speed – down to the same day as you place your order. This option comes at an increase in the base price, though.

Prices start at just $9.95 per essay page.


  • Excellent price/performance balance;

  • Fastest delivery among the competition;

  • Plagiarism-free papers.


Reviewed by essay expert Patrick Foully

Having used this service for a week, I am now under the impression that for each customer request or caprice they would always have a solution. “Cannot do”, or “sorry, sir, we do not allow this functionality” is definitely not about Essaybox. These guys can sometimes take a moment to respond and perhaps discuss internally, but would always come back to you with a solution. covers plenty of academic disciplines and hosts experienced writers in each of those. I asked them to write a long five-page essay, and supplemented it with my requirements on the thesis statement and the main body structure. They passed my test with flying colors! This company is legit and does more than enough for a demanding customer.

On a side note, they have one of the largest libraries of free essay samples I’ve ever encountered. Unlike many other essay services with similar libraries, this one is really helpful – a great number of essays are sorted and they have a comprehensive list of writers associated with those.

Extra Perks: A handy monitor on the website’s front page displaying the number of available writers. This allows users to track peak hours when the execution of an assignment can take longer and plan their orders accordingly.

Prices start at $12 per page of essay text.


  • A proactive “can-do” attitude – great for a demanding customer;

  • Offers a wide range of academic disciplines;

  • One of the most useful essay sample databases out there;

  • Not too overly expensive for excellent flexibility and great attention to detail.


Reviewed by essay expert Monica Thomson

There is a category of customers who always look for reliability and quality guarantee. Most likely, such people had a bad experience with essay services once and know first-hand the value of trust. has exploited this demand for quality to the maximum level and has built its reputation as a trustworthy and reliable essay service. They began providing essay services back in 2009 and since then earned customers’ loyalty and respect.

They may seem a little bit pricier than the previous two services, but the benefits are worth it when someone has a difficult essay task to complete. The core of their reputation is made up of excellent writing quality, which in turn rests on the strong team of legit essay writers. Many of their writers hold Masters and Ph.D. degrees and are capable of taking good care of the most demanding assignments, including theses and dissertations.

Customers are given a choice of selecting a Default, Expert, and Top writer category each time they place an order. If you do not know which option is best for you, a helpful support agent would be glad to recommend the best choice based on your task complexity.

Extra Perks: A two-writer option for those most demanding writing tasks, e.g. admission essays, scholarship application essays, degree theses, etc.

Prices start at $15 for the essay page.


  • Trustworthy and reliable with a proven successful track record since 2009;

  • The best writing quality one can find on this market;

  • Flexible writer selection model;

  • Employes seasoned legitimate essay writers.


What’s interesting though, is that all three legit essay writing services reviewed in this article, despite operating on the same kind of market, do not directly compete with each other. In other words, their services and features do not overlap much; instead, all three specialize in something unique and each one has an exhaustive set of competitive advantages. Whether you are a very demanding student or the one looking for the cheapest prices out there, you can always find a legit and most suitable service for your needs.

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