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Family of pair hurt in buggy-car crash show compassion in Yates County

The investigation continues into the crash involving a horse and buggy that injured two members of the Mennonite community, but their family says they simply want to raise awareness.

A close family member said it is not their way to place fault or blame, but want the public to see what happens with distracted driving.

Ivan Horning, one of the injured individuals, owned Horning’s Greenhouse before a family member took it over for his retirement.

Ivan and his wife were ejected from their buggy and flown to Strong after being rear ended by William Valentin, 55, of Penn Yan.

The horse ran off but was secured by a local farmer and survived the crash.

The family member said they believed on top of the slow-moving vehicle sign, it was likely there were also blinking lights.

This crash happened about a month after a deadly crash involving a buggy occurred, which killed Ava Horning in Potter.

Ava and her husband are distant relatives of Ivan and his wife, the injured married couple involved in the latest crash.

Details involving the accident can be found in a previously published story here.

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