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Three people, including All-American Mart owner face felony charges after Auburn fight

The Auburn Police Department announced arrests in an investigation stemming from an incident at the All-American Mart in Auburn on May 19, 2021.

Police said a group of individuals had responded to the All-American Mart to confront the store owner, identified as Zachary Pelosi-Dahl regarding an issue surrounding another individual.

That confrontation began as verbal and escalated into a physical fight between Dahl and Charles Williams. During that fight inside the store, pepper spray, tasers, knives, and batons were used by those involved.

Both sustained injuries in the incident. However, Williams suffered a stab wound.

After the initial incident, Dahl left the store with others and damaged a vehicle in the parking lot.

Police say they found upwards of 10,000 untaxed cigarettes inside the store, as well as metal knuckle knives which were all for sale.

Another person involved in the incident, identified as Camile Racona, was found to be in possession of a stolen vehicle, according to police.

All three were arrested on an array of charges.

– Charles Williams, 44, was charged with felony assault, felony possession of a weapon, and conspiracy.

– Camile Racona, 32, was charged with felony grand larceny.

– Zachary Pelosi-Dahl, was charged with three counts of felony criminal possession of a weapon, felony criminal mischief, and felony possession of unstamped cigarettes.

The investigation remains active and anyone with more information is asked to call 315-255-4703.