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New Executive Director for National Women’s Hall of Fame has ambitious goals as she begins position

Jennifer Gabriel, a native of Ithaca, has been announced as the Executive Director for National Women’s Hall of Fame.

The hiring of Gabriel ends the six month long search for a director.

Her first big role is to organize and lead the 2021 Induction Ceremony that will honor the achievements of Michelle Obama, Indra Nooyi, Katherine Johnson, Emily Howland, Mia Hamm, Joy Harjo, Rebecca Halstead, Judy Chicago, and Octavia Butler.

Gabriel has experience with fundraising and nonprofit work in New York, Colorado, and California and has two primary goals as she begins her new position.

The first is to secure the Induction Ceremony as being the signature national event for honoring achievements of American women, and the second is to create and put to use a rich agenda that puts the Hall of Fame on the map as in innovative place that impacts and inspires people.

Information surrounding the Induction Ceremony can be found at or @womenofthehall on social media platforms.