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3 discreet relaxation techniques, like a CBD pen

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Let’s face it, life can be tough. From dealing with morning traffic to a long day at the office and family drama in the evenings, you may often want to stuff your head into a pillow and scream. Fortunately for men and women everywhere, you do not have to turn to drugs or alcohol to escape reality, although doing so may be fun and tempting every so often. There are 3 safe, smart and subtle tricks, including a handy CBD pen and the right tunes, to help people relax their minds and bodies.

Just CBD Pen

Perhaps the tastiest way to manage stress is with one of the best CBD products on the market. After all, many individuals prefer getting their cannabidiol from a vape pen, also known as a battery. Not only are they inexpensive, buyers can purchase the size, color and shape to suit their personal preferences. Distributing 200 mg of CBD a piece, every pen takes 2 or 3 hours to charge. While colorful CBD Gummies and powerful CBD oil tinctures are a bit more popular on the market, plenty of individuals prefer the discretion of a CBD vape pen. A person can easily stroll around a festival or a busy street while using a pen, if not simply enjoy the calming CBD oil while lying in bed. To top it off, every CBD vape pen is nice and small, allowing folks to carry them around in their pockets and purses. Hands down, the biggest benefit of a CBD pen is the fantastic price. A smart shopper can pick one up, along with a handy charger for no more than $9.99 at the top CBD store online. The big question is which CBD oil vape pen you will try first, blue, gold, rose gold or black.

2 Taking Deep Breaths

Since you were a kid, you’ve probably been hearing about the importance of good breathing practices. Some people go so far as doing yoga on a daily basis, which always helps a person to relax, both physically and emotionally. When discretion is an issue, you can do it by yourself and even sneak outside for a couple minutes. Meanwhile, you can slowly inhale and exhale almost anywhere and in any situation, like at a board meeting or dinner at the in-laws’ house. Close your eyes and picture yourself in a peaceful environment, like a mountain top or a serene beach. Meanwhile, enjoying deep breathes should lower your blood pressure.

3 Listen to Calming Music

For some it’s Mozart, while others prefer Simon and Garfunkel or even some classic Pink Floyd to put themselves at ease. You can always stream the familiar sounds of Mother Nature, like birds chirping or a thunderstorm. Whatever your personal preference may be, a feel-good ditty can help a person chill out. Stress quickly fades away. As a direct result, the body quickly becomes tranquil, which helps with one’s quality of sleep. The better shut-eye people enjoy, the higher their precious energy levels will be the next day. Sleeping like a baby can certainly work wonders for one’s overall level of happiness too. Just don’t listen to too much death metal or your heartrate may go through the roof. Doh!

By David Baker, Cannabis Extraordinaire
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