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How to choose an ASG replica?

A replica is a basic piece of equipment for every ASG player. Airsoft enthusiasts use different types of weapons – electric, spring or gas-powered. Manufacturers are constantly releasing new equipment, so the range is very wide. How to choose the best equipment? Check out our guide and choose the perfect replica for your style of play!

Pistol, rifle, shotgun – which type of ASG replica to choose?

When buying a replica, the most important thing is, of course, its type. The market offers, among other things, long and short models. The first option will be the best if you want universal equipment – appropriate for almost any game. This group incorporates mostly rifles, shotguns and sniper rifles. Usually, such equipment offers a longer range (except for shotguns). Short ASG replicas can be used as sidearms or equipment for CQB games (short distances).

Choosing the right equipment also depends on your available budget. With a larger budget, it is worth deciding on two models. It is best to buy one long replica and one side replica. Such equipment will prove to be the most universal. You can take them to every shooting range, and you will not be limited in a situation when, for example, you run out of bullets in your main weapon and the situation requires a quick reaction.

An ASG rifle will be more effective than a carbine or pistol. If only the budget allows, it will prove to be the best choice. It is also recommended considering purchasing a shotgun. They often feature quite affordable, low prices and are really effective, if only during CQB games. Moreover, some models available on the market offer quite a long range, which makes them competitive with standard long replicas.

The most expensive sniper rifles are a good choice only if you take part in shootings in a large area. Only in such a situation can you truly make full use of them. In this case, however, it is best to have knowledge about the operation of such equipment and its handling. It is not recommended buying sniper rifles for beginner airsoft enthusiasts.

What is the best drive for an ASG replica?

ASG replicas available on the market differ in the main mechanism which is responsible for each shot. The main issue here is the propulsion system – there are several basic types, namely: spring, electric, CO2 and green gas-powered ones. Each of these systems has its own advantages and disadvantages, which are worth bearing in mind when buying a replica.

When it comes to long ASG weapons, you will mainly encounter electric and spring models. The first solution is much more comfortable, cheaper in operation and allows for easy modifications. Rifles with a standard gearbox powered by rechargeable batteries require only an occasional charging of batteries. It is not necessary to reload after every shot, as it is the case with spring models (mainly sniper rifles).

Short replicas for ASG can be of various types – not only spring and gas. The choice depends on personal preferences, but here also electric models will be the most comfortable and accessible for beginners. Airsoft replicas should be selected according to their later use. For longer distance games long models will be best. In the case of a CQB game, you can opt for a pistol or even a shotgun.

As for the drive, it all depends on your budget and preferences. Electric drive is most convenient, although gas is also popular (however, it requires more knowledge and is more difficult to operate). Spring-loaded models are usually sniper rifles or cheaper short replicas.

How to choose the best airsoft replica for yourself?

The choice depends primarily on the type of game in which you will participate. If you want universal equipment, long replicas, such as ASG rifles (preferably with an electric drive), will prove to be a good choice. Side airsoft weapons are also often quite important. You can also expand your equipment in this way. Here the choice depends on your preferences. Gas-powered ASG replicas offer an unparalleled shooting experience, as they strongly resemble real models. Spring-loaded, cheap models will not be the best for bigger shootings, but they can be used as training equipment or simply as a collector’s item.

When making a purchase, it is also worth paying attention to the issue of equipment operation. Depending on the model, its cost or necessary skills or tools will vary. Usually, electric ASG replicas are the best in this respect. If you are buying a whole airsoft kit, you should also pay attention to the prices of the individual accessories you need. When it comes to the gun, a sight, various types of grips, extra magazines and such items can be important.

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