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How a Buckwheat Pillow can help relieve neck pain

People have been using pillows for over a thousand years already. At present, most households can afford to have a pillow, but back then, pillows were luxury items reserved only for royals and wealthy families.

In those days, pillows come from stones, ceramic, or even wood. But due to technological advancements, textile industries started to manufacture cotton, memory foam, buckwheat pillow and other organic kinds. Nevertheless, each of these pillows has different designs and health benefits.

Read on to find out how a buckwheat pillow may help relieve neck pain and other related issues.

What Are Buckwheat Pillows?

Also referred to as Sobakawa, buckwheat pillows are fully customizable pillows that use buckwheat hulls as fillings. They are known for their long life span and durability and most suppliers may allow you to choose the thickness and firmness of your pillow by filling as many hulls as necessary.

There are various kinds of buckwheat pillows, including a neck roll pillow which provides the comfort and relief you might need, especially while traveling. To learn more about buckwheat pillows, you may watch this video…


Buckwheat Pillow And Neck Pain Relief

After a hard, tiring day, it might be difficult to get your much-needed sleep if you don’t support your neck as required while lying in bed or couch. If that’s the case, getting a buckwheat pillow may allow you to have a restful night without waking up with neck and back pain.

Some of the ways a buckwheat pillow may help reduce neck pain include:

  • Offers Exact Neck Assistance 

Every individual wants an accurate kind of support on their neck and back while sleeping. For instance, you might want to give more support to your neck and less to your back.

If you have such a specific support requirement, buckwheat pillows might be the right product for you as they’re moldable—you get to decide the kind of support your neck and back will receive.

Another notable feature of these pillows is they take the shape of your neck and back, saving you time and energy in trying to get the proper support for these body areas. This feature will help you maintain a correct posture throughout the night, allowing your muscles to relax, thus preventing neck pain.

  • Provides Muscle Support

One of the primary factors that cause neck and back pain is incorrect sleeping position. As discussed above, buckwheat pillows may assist in supporting your neck in the correct posture to allow your back and spine muscles to relax.

The spine system is a vital body component because everything in it—ligaments, tendons, and muscles—may affect your neck and back area.

It’s crucial that you properly support your spine while sleeping to avoid neck and back pain that might affect your daily life leading to insomnia and anxiety.

  • Suitable For Other Daily Activities

As an adult, you might want to accomplish all your tasks before finally getting that eight-hour sleep. These daily activities may also cause neck and back discomfort, apart from sleeping. For instance, reading a book or even answering countless emails may leave you with a painful neck. These activities may require you to slump, compromising your neck and back, leading to their tenderness.

With a buckwheat pillow, you won’t have to worry, as it can provide the necessary support to your neck and back even when you’re sitting. Additionally, did you know you can use buckwheat pillows during long rides? The product will ensure you arrive at your destination with no neck and back pain, both of which may affect your mobility and productivity.

  • Hypoallergenic And Dust Mite-Resistant

You might be wondering how this may prevent neck pain, right? Most people tend to consider only a pillow’s firmness and forget the ease of maintenance. No matter how soft your pillow is, you might find yourself turning and tossing every single night if the pillow is full of dust and bed bugs. This turning and tossing can lead to neck and back pain due to poor sleeping posture.

Furthermore, if you’re suffering from any allergy, Buckwheat pillows might be an excellent choice for you as they’re hypoallergenic and dust-resistant. 

Unlike other pillows, buckwheat pillows make it hard for bed bugs and allergens to thrive as they provide proper air circulation. This aspect will save you from incessant scratching, making it easier for you to protect and maintain the skin around your neck and back and sleep properly.


As mentioned above, the pillow you use can create a significant impact on the quality of your sleep. Hence, it’s essential to choose a pillow that offers proper support so you can rest properly through the night and avoid waking up the next day with neck and back pains.

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