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Victor Farmington Library finds new potential location

In order to meet increased usage and demand, the Victor Farmington Library is proposing the construction of a new library at 160 School Street in the Village of Victor. The library is working with architects and engineers to determine the cost of the project, which residents would vote on in May 2022. If approved, the existing library at 15 West Main Street would be sold after construction of the new library.

“Initially we hoped to add on to the existing library”, said board president James R. Myers. “But reports from professional engineers and architects showed that adding to the existing library can’t be done structurally. Finding a new location would be more practical and cost-effective.”

Built to serve 14,800 people in 1996, the Victor Farmington Library has strained to meet the needs of nearly twice that many residents for years. The library now serves between 400-500 patrons a day, and studies have shown that the Victor and Farmington communities will grow by 25% in the next 10 years.

“We’ve seen tutors and their students sitting on the floor to study because the library doesn’t have enough space to accommodate everyone in here” notes library director, Tim Niver. “As a pivotal community resource for people of all ages we have to do better” he adds.

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Architects recommend that the library’s Board of Directors construct a building that is two and a half times the size of the current library, to meet both current and future community needs. After inspecting twelve different sites over three and a half years, the library contracted to purchase 160 School Street. The purchase of the property hinges on a positive May 2022 vote.

Over the coming year, the library will work with architects and other professionals to develop a conceptual design for the building, and to accurately estimate project costs. The library will also actively seek donations and grants to defray these costs. “The library’s Board of Trustees is committed to bringing the community the library it deserves while minimizing the effect on taxpayers” Myers stresses.

A 2019 community survey showed that 82% of the community wants a larger library. Plans for the new library will add features like those enjoyed in neighboring libraries, including a separate, much larger children’s area to minimize noise, a café, and additional meeting spaces.

The community will vote in May 2022 to approve building the new library. Prior to the vote, the library will hold public information sessions to present the design and gather input. “It is vitally important to us to solicit feedback from the residents of Farmington and Victor on what they want to see in a new library”, says Niver. A successful vote will allow the library to break ground in 2023 and open the doors to the public in 2024.

For more information on the new library project, please visit or call 585-924-2637.