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NYCC changes name, will now be known as Northeast College of Health Sciences

The New York Chiropractic College, which has a location in Seneca Falls, is now going to be known as Northeast College of Health Sciences.

The new name – approved by New York State on June 7, 2021 – was chosen to best reflect the transforming scope of educational opportunities offered at the College and to support the evolving range of growing healthcare professions.

“Today we proudly proclaim Northeast College of Health Sciences as our new name, one that strongly reflects our interprofessional nature and our position as innovators in healthcare education,” Northeast College President Dr. Michael Mestan said.

Changing the College’s name has long been discussed. The charge to do so was formally addressed in the NYCC BLUEprint Strategic Plan 2018-2021, and in June 2019 the College’s Board of Trustees voted unanimously for a name change. Though the process was put on a short hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the College was granted authorization for the new name by New York State in June 2021.

The new name reflects Northeast College of Health Sciences’ focus on connecting students from a variety of academic backgrounds to a robust range of integrated healthcare programs. The change also signals a new chapter for Northeast to create even more space for new collaborations and opportunities advancing healthcare education. “As we continue to prepare our students to be leaders in an ever-more diverse variety of healthcare disciplines, it is fitting that our strong history of academic excellence in chiropractic will remain as our College’s core,” President Mestan added.

Northeast College recently saw a strong Spring 2021 doctor of chiropractic program enrollment, seating the largest incoming spring cohort since 2018. As well, the College has a significant impact on its region’s economic health. According to a recent report from the Commission on Independent Colleges and Universities in New York (CICU), Northeast College contributed just about an estimated $65 million to the state’s economy in 2019 and was responsible for a total estimated employment of close to 600 jobs.

“This is an exciting and important time for our College, and I’m grateful to the many members of our community who have helped bring us to this milestone,” said President Mestan. “Northeast College is deeply dedicated to cultivating academic excellence, leadership and professional best practices, and it’s our honor to find new ways to foster our students’ academic and professional transformations. We know our students will embrace their College’s evolution with pride and, as with the thousands of alumni who have come before, continue to reimagine health with the full support of their alma mater, Northeast College of Health Sciences.”