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Motley Crue Meet and Greet & VIP Tickets: Where To Find Packages

Motley Crue just celebrated their 40-year-long career as one of the most iconic glam heavy metal bands on the planet, and it’s been wild! The band is gearing up to hit off their The Stadium Tour in 2022 alongside Def Leppard, and Poison and fans can finally meet each of the present band members at a Motley Crue meet and greet starting next summer!

With multiple platinum-selling albums featuring all-time hits like “Kickstart My Heart,” “Home Sweet Home,” “Looks to Kill,” and “Live Wire,” Motley Crue is back to remind heavy metal fans all over North America just how a killer heavy metal concert is supposed to go down.



Top Place To Buy A Motley Crue Meet And Greet


(Best place to buy a Motley Crue meet and greet)


Motley Crue Meet And Greet

Visit their website above, or call 844-425-7918 to order with an agent



Hang out with legendary Motley Crue members Nikki Sixx, Vince Neil, Tommy Lee, and Mick Mars at a Motely Crue meet and greet in 2022. Talk about all things hard rock, glam rock fashion, and anything you think you can converse about with the Hollywood Walk of Fame inducted entertainers.

Coming together in LA in 1981, Motley Crue consisted of members knee-deep in the hard-rock tradition who were eager to make their mark on the music scene. The band’s creator Nikki Sixx had a clear vision of what he wanted Motley Crue to sound like and recruited members he believed would fit the brief. Nixx is quoted to have said that he wanted his band to sound like a crazy but totally sensible mixture of three of his favorite rock and metal influences- the Sex Pistols, David Bowie, and Black Sabbath. Now, that’s quite a tall order to fill but guess what? Motley Crue is that good. They made it happen!

Motley Crue is currently composed of Nikki Sixx, Vince Neil, Tommy Lee, and Mick Mars. The band’s past members during their tumultuous years between 1992 and 2003 were John Corabi and Randy Castillo, who were replacements for Neil and Lee.

Before their 1982 signing with Elektra Records, Motley Crue had already recorded a bunch of singles and even an album while performing and promoting their work in tons of clubs across LA. The band had done an impressive job getting their debut album sold, with 20,000 of their copies flown off the racks. Major labels were turning heads wondering how a band could release music through their own label and achieve such incredible sales. Well, it’s no surprise for Motley Crue fans today who thoroughly know what the band is capable of achieving.

Imagine walking up to one of the members at a Motley Crue meet and greet and having them narrate ridiculous stories of their hey-days as an up-and-coming glam rock band. If you’ve been following them throughout their decades-long career, you may already be familiar with all the band’s most iconic, hilarious, notorious, and infamous incidents over the years. But honestly, hearing all of it from the band members themselves face-to-face? Who in the world with a sane mind would want to miss out on that! Just Picture Sixx narrating how he suggested the group be named ‘Christmas’ at a Motely Crue meet and greet! They certainly would have pulled off any name, really, but what a great story, right!?

Motley Crue truly champions the glam rock façade with gusto and finesse like no other. Their excessively painted and stylized leathery-biker look gives them a sort of androgynous aura, adding to the band’s avant-garde panache and incredible allure. Motley Crue embraces the beauty of irregular and nonconformist music and fashion, and we can’t ignore the role they’ve played in breaking barriers in the way people perceive the unconventional.

Do show them some well-deserved gratitude at a Motley Crue meet and greet at Motley Crue tour and get a picture taken with them while you’re at it to commemorate the historic moment. You can’t deny it’s going to be historic, at least on our part, as sincere admirers and fans. Certainly not an understatement. And also, don’t forget to have the band sign their names for you and by no means leave the site before they direct you to their awesome merch stash. There’s so much incredibleness to absorb at a Motley Crue meet and greet that it’s crazy to consider missing out on it.

Now let’s list some of the achievements of Motley Crue to magnify their awesomeness even more. Motley Crue received an American Music Awards in 1990-91 with consecutive nominations in two categories. They also received three Grammy nominations in 1990, 1991, and 2009 and an MTV Video Music Award in 1990. The band’s super-hits “Kickstart My Heart” and “Dr. Feelgood” especially received a lot of recognition, reminding everyone just how remarkable the band is. Be sure to check out the Motley Crue presale to score some of the best seats when they are announced.

And we mean it when we say ‘remarkable’ because the number of odds the members of Motely Crew had to beat to get their music out is crazy to imagine. Literally, each member had problems with drug abuse and would often run into trouble because of their erratic behavior. Stixx had even suffered from a critical overdose on several occasions. He was once even medically pronounced dead for two minutes before being revived with shots of adrenaline. It was this exact event that inspired him to pen “Kickstart My Heart.”

It was a great price to pay for a great song, indeed. Meet the band at a Motley Crue meet and greet and ask Nixx and other members all about their rock-hard journey. Be first in line to buy Motley Crue tickets when they are on sale.

Despite their rifts, replacements, and eventual disbandment between 1992-2003, Motley Crue got back together with a renewed craving for creating great music and performing their greatest hits for their fans. The band’s surreal journey has been recorded in their autobiography. It quickly became a best-seller in New York Times and even got made into a biopic, The Dirt, in 2019.

Motley Crue will be making stops at multiple North American states between June-September 2022.

Take a look at the listed schedules for each of their shows and find out if you can get a Motley Crew meet and greet to happen.



Motley Crue Meet and Greet Tickets

Dying to get your hands on Motley Crue meet and greet tickets? We bet you are. You can get them on almost every major ticket-selling website you can think of at this very moment.

You do not want to walk away from a Motley Crue concert without meeting any of the band members. That’s just too much of a loss to fathom if you’re a die-hard Motley Crue fan. Scour the internet for tickets and be rewarded with photographs with the band, merch, and other amazing stuff like autographs and simply saying hi to their faces!



Motley Crue VIP Tickets

Motley Crew VIP tickets are the crème de la crème of concert tickets. People would literally go clawing for one of these to enjoy the band’s performances live. The tickets will give you a stunning view of the band upfront with their music blasting into your system. It can also grant you your wish to meet the Crue crew and various other delectable amenities.

So, if you ever have the chance to get your hands on them, we implore you not to pass off the chance. It’s going to be the magical key to the ultimate Motley Crew show!



How To Meet Motley Crue

The one question fans usually have when planning for a Crue concert is how to meet Motley Crew. You’ll be surprised that it is as simple as getting a meet and greet ticket. So, hop right on to a website you trust the most and find tickets quickly.

You don’t have to settle with spotting the stars as you would an actual star but get up real close and mingle with the band. We can say for sure that Sixx, Neil, Lee, and Mars would love to share their little anecdotes and experiences with you, so don’t keep them waiting.



Motley Crue Meet And Greet Price

If you’ve been considering meeting the band but can’t decide because you’re confused about a Motley Crew meet and greet price, this section is for you.

Meet and greet tickets for meeting the metal icons in person can cost you between $2500 and $4,299. You surely wouldn’t mind indulging yourself with these tickets considering all the delights it can deliver you at a Motley Crue show.

Picture yourself taking pictures with Motley Crue, getting them to sign their autographs for you, and checking out their cool merch before anyone else.




Motley Crue VIP Package

You do not need to look for any other kind of ticket once you come across a Motley Crue VIP package. These spectacular tickets are what concert-goers have been raving about and rightly so indeed.

A VIP package gives fans a plethora of spectacular and uber-fancy services they can enjoy while at a Motley Crue show. Whatever single VIP tickets can get a VIP package can provide collectively. Amenities range from seats at the very front row, box seats, VIP suites, meeting Motley Crew, taking home Motley Crue merch, and the like. It’s a package you’ll find hard to resist.

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