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Finger Lakes Health launches ‘108 Holes for Hearts’ fundraiser

Finger Lakes Health is introducing a new golf-inspired fundraising event for the summer.

The ‘108 Holes for Hearts’ is a virtual golf fundraising event, to benefit cardiac rehab scholarships at the Geneva General Hospital and Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hospital sites.

Over the past 33 years, thousands of patients from all over the Finger Lakes have benefited from high quality education and monitored exercise through the nationally certified outpatient cardiac rehabilitation programs at Finger Lakes Health. The programs’ dedicated professionals give patients the support and tools they need to develop and maintain a heart healthy lifestyle, in small groups with others that have had similar heart disease experiences.

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented significant challenges to many in our community. Finger Lakes Health’s cardiac rehab programs were paused twice over the past fifteen months, for a few months each time. Special events such as annual golf tournaments that had provided the largest source of funding for scholarships for cardiac rehab patients were cancelled, at a time when these monies are needed the most. In 2019, more than 40% of patients at both sites needed scholarships to participate in cardiac rehab and those numbers are expected to increase this year.

In order to recoup these much needed funds, while maintaining the safety of participants, Finger Lakes Health is launching the inaugural, ‘108 Holes for Hearts’ event.

The virtual event will allow participating players to golf at their own rate, at the locations and on the dates of their choosing, with the goal of completing 108 holes over a period of 12 weeks – from June 19 to September 19.  Players will collect, with the help of the Finger Lakes Health Foundation, sponsorships totaling $1000 each. Players and sponsors can select a specific cardiac rehab site (Geneva General or Soldiers & Sailors) to support.

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Finger Lakes Radiology, LLC has signed on as the exclusive, $5000 Leaderboard Sponsor for the event, fully supporting 5 players.

“We are so grateful to Finger Lakes Radiology for embracing this new event, right out of the gate, with this generous sponsorship! This is a simple concept that doesn’t require the large amount of staff and volunteer time of a traditional golf tournament, and that allows a huge portion of the proceeds to go directly to funding cardiac rehab scholarships. It’s a beautiful time of year in the Finger Lakes, and we know that folks are going to be playing anyway…why not play for a great cause?” Helen Kelley, Director of Development for Finger Lakes Health Foundation said.

To learn more about sponsorship opportunities or to register as a player, check out the event website: