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Mary Anne Kowalski dies unexpectedly after appointment to Seneca County IDA

In a tragic turn of events for Seneca County- a local resident who had been recently appointed to the Industrial Development Agency died.

Mary Anne Kowalski died unexpected after being appointed to the IDA at last Tuesday’s meeting.

The circumstances around her death were not confirmed, but the 74-year-old passed away at her home.

Kowalski, who had a lengthy resume with the state of New York and a variety of volunteer entities around the Finger Lakes.

Fayette Supervisor Cindy Lorenzetti said she was devastated by the news. “Mary Anne gave everything to Seneca County,” the Supervisor said. “This leaves a huge void in our community.”

Additional details about the IDA appointment process, or how that would play out moving forward were not clarified over the weekend. Although additional insight into that process is expected before the Board of Supervisors’ next meeting.