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5 values every teen needs to be taught before they leave home

There is no handbook that comes along with your newborn. Your instincts and goals for your children help you make wise decisions throughout their lives. You dread the day they leave home. However, you know it’s a part of life. Below are five values every teen should know prior to living life on their own.

Money Management

At sixteen, your teen is old enough to look for part-time work. Thankfully, with the economy getting better, there are many opportunities for employment throughout the state of New York. Seize the moment and give your child a pep talk about budgeting their money. Have them open a savings account at one of the local banks and put a third of their weekly earnings away. You should also teach them the importance of having good credit. How it can affect their ability to buy a home, a car or even land their dream job in the Big Apple. A great way to get them started, is to have them apply for their first credit card. Teach them they need to pay the balance off each time the bill comes due. 

Social Skills

The past year caused many teens to remain at home. Social skills are very important in succeeding in life. When developed, young adults are confident with their being. They have the tools to handle various situations and are better equipped to be successful in college and on the job at completing tasks. With COVID-19 restrictions loosening up in New York, teens are once again able to mingle with their peers. Sign them up for after-school activities or classes where they work with others. If you’re not sure what’s available in your area, apps such as Nextdoor can give you answers. The site is informative and friendly. On Nextdoor, racial profiling is not an issue. You can have open discussions with other parents. You can also rest assured that everyone from your neighborhood is welcome.

An Independent Thinker

Young adults that lack confidence in themselves often fall prey to those who are a bad influence. They want to make friends so they turn to those willing to accept them. Unfortunately, doing mischievous things will lead to gaining a bad name around town and at school. Teach them that they have a mind of their own and to let their conscience to their guide. If it feels wrong, it probably is. 

Basic Survival Skills

Your teen will eventually have to care for themselves. Cooking, doing laundry, sewing and being able to change a tire unassisted are a few survival skills necessary. Shopping for groceries, Time management, how to pay bills, and make appointments are several more worthy of a mention. The time is now, before they leave the nest, to teach them valuable home and survival skills. 

Distinguish Between the Wants and Needs

Whether away at college or renting their first apartment, whether in New York or another state, teens need to know the difference between the wants and the needs in their life. Teach them that the needs are items they can’t do without. They are things like a place to live, food on the table and a means of transportation. Since they’re essential, they’re always a priority. 

The wants are things such as a new gaming system or latest smart phone. Explain that it doesn’t mean they can’t have the wants. They just can’t use their money meant for living expenses or borrow on credit to pay for them. Instead, teach them how to save up for these items. Because of their smart management of money, they’ll learn how to save and own items outright. They won’t develop bad habits of taking on boatloads of debt.  

It’s a scary time when parents face the reality that their teen will leave home in a few years. Make every effort to prepare them now by teaching them valuable skills they will use for the rest of their lives.

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