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Moravia school board ignores controversy brewing over principal placed on leave

Members of the community spoke out at a board of education meeting in the Moravia Central School District.

The meeting came a month after the district’s middle and high school principal was placed on administrative leave for unknown reasons.

Bruce MacBain had posted to Facebook last week- drawing heavy support of the community then about his circumstances. In his view, he was not informed of a reason for his leave- nor was the district being forthcoming about their reasoning.

The Citizen was at the meeting and reports that several people spoke in support of MacBain and that board of education officials spoke briefly about the matter- but did not cite any specifics or new information.

Speakers address the prevalence of in-house politics, the lack of communication from the board of education, which made the situation worse for everyone involved, as well as the typical personality conflicts that exist in any work environment.

None of those items were addressed by the board, either.