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How To Keep Your Child Safe From Pedestrian Accidents

The parent and the school management’s responsibility is to ensure that kids are safe when walking to school. Going back to school is an exciting moment and a scary one; you need to review all the pedestrian safety rules.

Walking to school helps the students to engage in physical activities and promote independence. Safety should be a top priority to protect the kids from any physical injuries. Numerous factors are exposing children to pedestrian accidents. Some of them include:

It is risky, and they can be injured or killed by drivers. Drivers should be aware of the children out there; they need to slow down and avoid using their cellphone. As parents, you should train your children to be safe whenever they’re near traffic.

Benefits of Safety Routes

You need to advise the children to use the safest routes when going to school and, when possible, go with them. It is essential to practice the route together and know the significant factors that make it a safe route even though it may be longer. Parents and the school management need to agree on the children’s safe ways; it should always start with the parents and the school.

The Best Alternative To Use

In case there is no path or sidewalk, the children need to face traffic and walk far away from moving vehicles. When there are intersections on the route, minimize them. For cases where they need to cross the street, let them cross at the crossroads with a crossing guard to help where possible.

Review and map a route where you are comfortable with the children using. Teach the children to avoid warning signs like vacant buildings, poorly lit areas, areas with high criminal activity rates and unleashed dogs.

School Safety Contribution

It is advisable to contact the school and know about their pedestrian safety rules. The school needs to have a comprehensive plan that will address all the concerns, especially any safety issues. Avoid any routes with no sidewalks, paths, walkways, security risks, or poor crossing lights. Any responsible school should have a guideline that focuses on planning safe routes and knowing unsafe situations like bullying.

Children Need To Know Their Responsibility

The safety of your children should be a top mission of every parent. There is a need to have an open conversation with the school and the kids. Children must know about the pedestrian rules regarding safety and the approaches to implement them. Always spare time to practice with the kids on the school routes until you are comfortable.

Ensure that your child is aware of the simple road safety rules like looking to the left, right, and then right again before crossing. When crossing, they need to scan the left and right; it is advisable to teach them from a tender age even before they can cross independently. They should always obey traffic rules regardless of an instance where there is no traffic.

Invest in Safety Gears

Children should have reflective or colored clothing, especially when walking in the night or during the day. In as much as they have the right gear, children should never run into the street when getting a toy or ball. As a parent, you need to be a role model by setting good examples of what the children need to do, such as never use your phone when walking.

Do not allow a child below age 10 to cross the street without an adult. They are at a critical age where they cannot gauge the distance or speed of a car. Ensure your child is safe by educating them about walking on safe paths and avoid risky ones. If your child has been involved in a pedestrian accident and needs help, you can always consult a lawyer for legal advice regarding what to do next.

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