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Buffalo Bills roll up Belichick’s Patriots in 38-9 blowout win (full coverage)

Nothing will ever make up for all the misery the New England Patriots inflicted upon the Buffalo Bills for nearly two decades. Nothing.

But that 38-9 blowout of Bill Belichick Monday night sure had to feel good for a franchise and a fan base that has dreamed of the day when the fortunes of these two teams finally turned.

The Bills completed their first sweep of the Patriots since 1999, the year before Belichick arrived in New England, and they did it the way they’ve been beating everyone lately – their offense was virtually unstoppable, and their defense continued its improved play, something that will be imperative once the playoffs begin.

If you wanted to pick one moment that stood out more than any other, sure, you could choose any of the four touchdown passes Josh Allen threw. But perhaps it was of Belichick slamming down a phone on the sideline after his replay challenge early in the third quarter failed as badly as most of Cam Newton’s passes.





After a Saturday win against the Denver Broncos, the Bills (11-3) will head back out on the road for the final time during the regular season, visiting the New England Patriots (6-8) on Monday Night Football.

Two weeks ago, the Bills knocked the Patriots out of the AFC East title race, and last week the Dolphins took them out of the postseason in general. That’s the first time since all the way back in 2008 that’s happened.

Earlier in 2020, it took a late fumble by Patriots quarterback Cam Newton for Buffalo to top New England so it’s not out of the question that this game is close.

But at that time, the Patriots had something to play for. Now they’re out of it and we have not seen such circumstances under Bill Belichick… maybe ever? It’s been a long time. Buffalo’s Sean McDermott found ways to motivate his guys in 2018 when they were out of it, but does Belichick have that same type of motivation in him?