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Want a good retirement income? These tips will help you increase your payouts

Is the purpose of the contributions to make the income stable from a permanent listing of stocks with retirement? It is on this that you need to focus all your attention.

The format when the package of documents is divided into 60% of shares and 40% of bonds will always be relevant. Over the year, such a block of shares grew by 13%, and the S&P 500 grew by 3.5%.

We have prepared a list of companies worth paying attention to and placing a bet on to make the idea real. It is worth seeking the help of professionals from top forex brokers 2020. They know exactly which of the companies it is best to bet on in order to resolve your issue with a retirement stake.

1. Microsoft

Pension stocks are important. When choosing them, you need to pay attention first of all to the stability of payments. Microsoft always pays everything out on time.

If someone told you that Microsoft is a technology company that is constantly expanding, then they are not. Although there is some truth here.

Microsoft has paid 10.5% more annually in recent years. This is because they are growing. They pay a dividend of $0.56 per share every quarter. It turns out to pay also about 1% per annum.

Investors may not appreciate these numbers from the beginning, but you need to understand that Microsoft is growing steadily and becoming stronger. Already with payments, the company received 290% of its income over the past five years.

Speaking about the future, everyone is confident that the growth of payments will continue. With the advent of Covid-19, the era of cloud computing services and video games began. This gave a second life to the company during the general decline and chaos.

This is one of the best companies for a retirement package. Their business will survive in any conditions.

2. Home Depot

Home Depot is what you need if you are looking for a retirement benefit company. Since everyone is at home, home improvement is now a priority. Revenue has grown 23% per year over the past five years, and with a good payout ratio of 50% it’s still better. With an annual dividend yield of 2.17%, the company pays $1.50 per share on a quarterly basis.

The start of Covid-19 gave a sharp boost to revenue growth. Everyone just started making repairs. Last quarter sales generated $33.54 billion. Everything in stores grew by 24%.

Researchers think this growth will continue. It is unclear what will happen next with the pandemic and people are moving to the countryside to summer cottages and houses.

This is a retailer who will definitely not be thrown back because it will always be needed. Since 90% of Americans already live within 10 miles of a store, they are focused on improving their marketing and technology.

Their cost is about $277.41. They also have very good forecasts for the future, which gives hope.

3. Coca-Cola

You can only rely on those companies that occupy a competitive position in their niche at retirement age. Coca-Cola is not just that. She will generate a lot of income if you buy her stock. meets all these requirements.

The largest of all beverage companies. Soda, juices, water, all these are the products of the giant Coca-Cola. The products are distributed to 200 countries of the world. Annual sales of $1 billion or more.

With this strong portfolio generating strong cash flows, Coca-Cola is very consistent in paying out dividends to retirees. The company has increased its dividend for at least 50 consecutive years. History certainly doesn’t guarantee future results, but it certainly has a lot to tell us about the business and its strengths.

Coca-Cola’s ability to increase its dividend for 57 consecutive years is more than sufficient proof of the strength of the brand and the company’s ability to withstand various economic and cultural events – recessions, recessions and changing consumer preferences.

With an annual dividend yield of 3.1%, the pays a quarterly dividend of $0.41 per share. Stocks are well suited for long-term investors who need regular income to fund their golden years.

To buy stocks in old age using stocks, you don’t need to know much about it, you need to trust the professionals. Moreover, now there is trusted forex brokers 2020.

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