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Support aligns behind new stimulus deal focused on small biz relief, unemployment benefits extension

Special unemployment benefits are going to expire for 13 million Americans if Congress does not push through a bill that can extend them.

The deadline is December 26th, which is why some lawmakers – like Senator Chuck Schumer are calling it a ‘Christmas Cliff’.

“Right now it’s an emergency,” Schumer said. “Christmas is approaching, and we cannot have a heartless cut-off of these benefits.”

Last week Schumer and Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced that they would support the bi-partisan package put forward by the Problem Solvers Caucus, led by local Congressman Tom Reed (R-23).

The $900+ deal would ensure that airlines, local governments, small businesses, and vaccine distribution all were funded.

However, Governor Andrew Cuomo said it would not be enough for what expenses are coming down the line from vaccine distribution in New York. Both He and President-elect Joe Biden referred to it as a ‘down payment’ before a more comprehensive package would be passed in 2021.

This round would not include raw stimulus checks to Americans.