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Street style fashion inspired by anime

Anime dictates fashion rules

Nowadays, anime street styles marked a revolution in Japanese style. Specialists from anime dating sites state that the wild cartoonish street styles born in the Harajuku district in Tokyo marked the Japanese style revolution. A lot of anime styles get into the world of Japanese street fashion. Anime can impact the fashion rules in some different ways, aside from the comfy lifestyle-oriented clothing. You can notice many anime colors and styles begin to penetrate the wardrobes of many people in Japan. When you look at the street, you would see the usual school and business uniforms.

You don’t generally see bright colors. However, brightly colored clothing are all becoming more commonplace these days. People who wear bold colors and prints are feeling less pressure when they go out on the street.

It’s more Lifestyle than Fashion

Anime lovers love to wear such products to feel comfortable; also, they love what it says about their lifestyle.

As you know, watching the anime genre can give us an idea about the Japanese people’s lives.

One of the reasons that street style fashion inspired by anime is beginning to catch on is that it is a backlash against the culture that has existed for decades. Many people want to demonstrate love for anime; they choose unique and comfortable clothes, bright colors.

But more than anything, people want a sense of belonging within their social group. When a person who loves anime sees another person who wears an outfit featuring their favorite show, they know they are in good company and can open communication lines.

Now, persons are looking out for their individuality, and they try to wear a style of clothes that will make them feel more comfortable as an individual.

Anime features very flamboyant and offbeat characters, which is why the anime style has moved into modern-day fashion. Thanks to anime style, persons can recreate Japanese cartoons in their real life.

Modern Japanese street style

The street fashion scene in Japan is famous around the globe.

– Kawaii Boys. This street style is a great way to express your style with bright colors, unique clothes, different accessories, and eye-catching patterns! The kawaii style has many followers in Japan. This street style is popular with both girls and boys. Their typical features might be pastel colors, very light hairs, and an emphasis on energy.

– Gyaru Japanese street style is typically characterized by having heavily bleached or dyed hair. It can be shaded from dark brown to blonde. The makeup consists of very dark eyeliner and big fake eyelashes to make the eyes appear visually larger. Clothing for this style differs depending on which Gyaru Japanese style the person chooses. There is various style fashion of guar. Anyway, this style can make the individual look like a bratty European girl.

– Visual Kei. They are characterized by colorful, flamboyant clothing, and bright makeup makes every person look like a rock star. Today Visual Kei style as you know it is exemplified by eccentric costumes. Some of these people who follow this street style fashion are also known to bear an androgynous or feminine look as well. Most of them make piercings and do the top visual kei make up.

– Kimono style. Kimono style and other traditional clothing are not just for the history books today.

At this time, there is a new great wave of stylish young persons who want to wear their robes in different modern ways and even combine Japanese clothes with other street styles. Kimono street style is a high fashion concept where individuals have infused the traditional Japanese kimono look into their clothing’s new modern style.

– Kogal. Kogal is a modern Japanese fashion style that involves girls wearing clothes similar to their uniforms, but with very short skirts. The persons of this style may wear loose socks and scarves, and also have dyed hair. This street style fashion attempts to replicate the California girl look. In summing up, the Kogal is a subculture of Gyaru, and persons have very slight tans and long nails; they wear school uniforms with short skirts and dresses.

Street style fashion inspired by anime has completely changed the way that persons think about streetwear in Japan.

Japanese fashion invites individuals to mix and match: the new thing and the vintage, dark, and bright colors, depending on the selected style. It is not so much about what you wear, but how you wear it. It is not all about the anime style, but more about people’s lifestyle choices that watch it. Japanese street fashions have a distinctive style.

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