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Gambling on NFL: 5 Teams with the best Super Bowl odds

6 NFL Weeks remaining on the regular season, and 2 competing teams will be determined on Super Bowl LV scheduled on February 7, 2021. Week 11 games have ended, and every team’s odds on the spread have updated or unchanged its values.

To get updates on current betting in the future Super Bowl, you can check those on the Super Bowl odds at FanDuel. With a little peek at the historical championships , here are 5 teams who have the best wager on the Super Bowl odds record so far.

Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs have been a favorite of most of the Super Bowls since 1990. As the last year’s Super Bowl 54 champions, their betting odds were under 1.5 points as favorites. This regular season, the team gained 52.3% as a favorite, 54.5% as an underdog, and 75% on some of their pick them games on the spread based on ESPN Stats & Info.

This NFL 2020-21 season has been favorable for the Chiefs, who were consistent as 1st not only in the AFC West Division but also in NFL rankings for several weeks. They got another victory against Las Vegas Raiders in their last Week 11 game, which scored 9 wins and 1 loss in the NFL standings.

The Chiefs were currently a lead favorite with +300 betting points in the Super Bowl 54 odds on most bookies, and these favorites are most in the Miami area based on FanDuel. It’s another expectation from the Chiefs to be one of the contenders to win this next championship.

Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers were also a favorite for bettors next to the New England Patriots and the Chiefs with 6 Super Bowl Wins in the NFL record. They got the third rank on having the best against-the-spread marks in the Super Bowl era since 1990. Their games against the Dallas Cowboys, which were in seasons 1996, 1979, and 1976, was the most Super Bowl match-up in NFL history.

In this season, the team is known for their great defense that resulted in 10 wins and no loss on the current standings and leading on the AFC North seed. This record gained them +550 odds in the spread. With that outstanding record, it’s a huge possibility for the Steelers to be the next contender in the upcoming Super Bowl 55.

San Francisco 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers is one of the 7 teams who have won back-to-back Super Bowls in NFL history. 1989’s Super Bowl 23 era is one of their best records so far as they had under 7 points favorite on the spread as the underdogs against Cincinnati Bengals. Also, at that game, QB Joe Montana got another Super Bowl MVP. The 49ers were Chief’s opponent from the last championship and got over +112 betting odds as favorites by FanDuel’s oddsmakers at that time.

The 49ers have taken their bye on last Week 11 with an unchanged record of 4 wins and 6 losses in the NFL standings as of now. The team currently has +10 000 wagers on most bookies. It will be a rebound championship to win for the 49ers if they are successful in having more wins in the NFC West seed.

New England Patriots

The Patriots have the most appearances in championships, with 6 wins and 5 losses on the Super Bowl records. The team was 4th best against-the-spread records as they covered more games in most seasons. The Patriots have dominated on the 2019’s Super Bowl 53 against the Los Angeles Rams with under 2.5 odds as favorites on the spread.

In this regular season, the team was recently defeated by Houston Texas last Week 11, which tallied their current record of 4 wins and 6 losses on the NFL standings. They got +14 000 betting odds on some bookies as of now. It will be a huge pull of wins for the Patriots to get the spot on the championship next year.

Jacksonville Jaguars

By having the best betting Super Bowl odds, the Jacksonville Jaguars have the biggest figure on the current spread. The team has over +200,000 points in most sportsbooks as the most underdogs in the Super Bowl odds, but it’s a massive risk for bettors to pick on this team. Looking at the NFL history, they were among the 12 teams who never won a Super Bowl championship so far.

The Jaguars have 1 win and 9 straight losses from their previous games and recently had the most effortless defeat from the Pittsburgh Steelers with 3-27 last Week 11. It’s a huge score gap to compare their performance despite the formidable defense of the Steelers.

It’s no easy task for the Jaguars to win more games in the upcoming weeks, especially to be one of the contenders in the coming Super Bowl 55. With that massive amount on the line for the Jaguars’ fanatics to wager, it will be all worth it for them if the team will have the championship. But for now, it takes a miracle for them to get it all.


Betting odds of teams were based on their advantages and standings as balanced by oddsmakers. These values may depend on bookies as these points may shift or remain after a Week game and may vary on the results. This shifting odds also has a lot of effect on the Super Bowl Odds. Looking at championship odds history may bring confidence in leaning on their plays and some statistics but does not contribute to the current betting points.

Checking on bookies such as FanDuel does give you a benefit. They provide information with odds and picks updates and teams’ status and predictions, and even tips and strategies on reading at the spread. If you consider behind the betting odds on your favored team, it will be advantageous for winning.

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