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Keeping dog coats soft – home care strategies

Your pet dog is not just any animal, it is your friend and companion. In fact, it is a member of the family and should therefore be treated as such. The two important things concerning your dog’s welfare are its good health and its happiness. It is easy to tell a healthy dog from an unhealthy one. You only need to look at and study its coat. A healthy dog has a shiny glossy coat and it will also look well fed and well looked after.

Whether you are still looking for a new dog to buy or you already have your labradoodle for example, the best dog food for labradoodle is also discussed in this article. There are certain minimum things every pet dog owner should do to maintain the good health and happiness of their dog. Below are useful strategies you can consider. 

Regular Baths

Giving your pet dog regular baths is one of the key ways to ensure that its coat remains in tip top condition. The key word there is ‘regular’, as distinct from ‘daily’ because doing the latter can actually do more harm than good by removing some of the coat’s protective natural oils. Most veterinary experts recommend a maximum of two baths per month. Pro tip: Make sure to moisturize their paws with a balm, like this, after the bath.

Regular Brushing

In addition to the regular baths mentioned above, it is vital that you give your pet dog regular brushes. Remember also that you do not use just any brush. The brush to be used should be one that perfectly suits the breed of dog and the nature and type of coat. If you are a new pet owner and are unsure about the type of brush to use it is wise to ask for expert advice, say from your local veterinary doctor. This coat brushing should be carried out every few days and for those with dogs that shed a lot it is recommended to get a decent shedding brush to ensure a soft well groomed look. 

Use Oatmeal

Oatmeal has proven medicinal properties for dog’s skin. It’s regular use is highly recommended by experts. You can add oatmeal to your pet dog’s bath water or buy some oatmeal based shampoos. Oatmeal is very effective for those dogs that are always scratching themselves behind the ears or anywhere else due to allergies. It soothies and eases the itching and helps your dog feel relaxed and happy. The dog’s coat is left soft and glowing. 


Provide Quality and Healthy Food

Your pet dog requires a properly balanced diet just as much as you do. It is therefore very important for you to give your pet rich quality food. A nutritious diet will help the dog’s fur to grow strong, shiny and healthy. Have an expert to advise you on the best ingredients to mix with the dog food. A cheap readily available ingredient is vegetable oil. The best dog food for labradoodle for example are foods that are rich in proteins. This includes chicken and meals that contain organic ingredients. 


Other Foods

There are many other foods to include in your dog’s diet. Think of them as food supplements. One of these is coconut oil. Adding one teaspoon of coconut oil to the pet food at least once a day helps to add glow and smoothness to its skin. It does not only work internally but can also be applied externally by rubbing it into the dog fur. It works great in moisturising the skin and softening the fur. 

Provide Extra Treats

Just as humans sometimes enjoy snacks between meals, so does your pet dog. Raw carrots come highly recommended. Also, treats containing chicken pumpkin and sweet potatoes are a great help in easing digestion leading to the general wellbeing of your pet dog and the smoothness and texture of its coat. These are again, some of the best dog food for labradoodles if you have one.

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