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HOBART LAX: Sky’s the limit for this group as Statesmen hopeful for spring season (blog)

The Hobart Statesmen lacrosse team activities have been in full swing as they started practicing as a team over a month ago. After following COVID-19 protocol, which involved rigorous running and work in small groups, they’ve been able to progress to intrasquad scrimmaging. The team has strong confidence in having a successful season in the spring, and making up for the cancellation of last year’s schedule.

Photo by Kevin Colton

The news of the season being canceled last year brought disappointment, frustration and anger among the players and coaching staff. Although this was short-lived as the coaches only let their players feel this way for a day or two, then it was time to adjust to the situation. Assistant coach and offensive coordinator, Stephen Brundage spoke on the response of their team, “This was just another opponent to us. How are we going to react, this could be a valuable life lesson”.

This positive mindset led into the summer as the team had different virtual activities. One of the activities including players writing down what their days were like. Another example was creating leadership pods of teammates that met together to communicate and help out one another. These activities allowed the team to be in constant contact with one another while being in quarantine, and helped create chemistry that has transitioned into the fall.

With strict protocols to fall practice schedules, the coaches and players had to adjust and make the most of what they were able to do. The first two weeks involved a high volume of conditioning, following this they were able to work in small groups and perform non contact drills.

Contrary to what the coaches thought was a burden, the situation was actually something they learned greatly from. The slow progression allowed the players to get back in shape with less injuries, and the coaches were able to focus more on each individual player’s development. This re-acclimation back to playing was highly beneficial and they expect to approach next fall in a similar fashion.

But, first hopefully a full season beginning in about 3 months. The fate of their coming season hasn’t been decided yet.

Regardless, they have high hopes for the future.

The team lost some impactful seniors but have been able to add on 15 new freshmen to the roster along with keeping the core of the team intact. The combination of a great culture instilled by the coaches and the selfless, motivated attitudes of the players sets the Statesmen up for a possibly big year. Coach Brundage added to this by saying, “We’ve got a really good thing going here, everyone pushes each other and gets after it. I think the sky’s the limit for this group”.

The primary goal for Hobart men’s lacrosse this year is the same as any other year – win the NEC conference. From there, the team looks to make a run in the tournament and make up for the time missed last season.