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Wells College going remote for the week after positive COVID test

On Tuesday, Wells College notified the campus community that there was a report of an individual on campus who has tested positive for COVID-19.

As result, the college announced they would be moving fully remote through Sunday, November 8th.

All activities on campus – including classes, athletics, extracurriculars and other activities – will suspend in-person participation during that time period. All students, faculty and staff received instructions this morning about COVID-19 testing that will be occurring Tuesday and Wednesday.

In a message to the community this morning, President Jonathan Gibralter directed students to return to their residence hall rooms to self-quarantine, and said they should remain in their rooms except to go to testing or to pick up a to-go meal at the dining hall.

“While it is unfortunate that we have our first case of COVID-19 on campus, it is not a surprise given the recent surge in cases in our region and throughout the country. Since this summer we have had contingency plans in place to address our response to this type of situation, and we notified our campus community immediately this morning upon learning of the positive test result,” said President Jonathan Gibralter.

The College implemented arrival testing for all new and returning students at the beginning of the fall semester, and since September all campus community members have been required to undergo biweekly testing on campus at no cost to them.

The affected individual is being moved into isolation, and the Cayuga County Department of Health has been notified so that they may begin the contact tracing process ASAP.

Last week Wells celebrated getting through September and October without a positive test.

Wells College keeps campus open with no confirmed cases of COVID-19 so far