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HWS has 27 confirmed cases of COVID-19, 107 in quarantine or isolation

As of Monday, Hobart and William Smith Colleges had a confirmed 27 cases of COVID-19.

There were zero new cases reported on Monday, and 107 individuals were in quarantine or isolation.

According to the Colleges, five of those students had recovered, and more than 2,700 tests had been administered overall.

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In a letter to the Campus Community, Mary Coffey and Robb Flowers, both of the HWS leadership team said that more than 1,000 tests had been conducted in a matter of days to clamp down on the cluster that was reported last week.

“We worked closely with the Ontario County Health Department to complete contact tracing and placed a number of students in quarantine. We administered more than 1,000 COVID-19 tests – including to all in quarantine or isolation as well as our normal weekly surveillance testing. All subsequent positive test results were for students who were already in quarantine,” the two said in that letter. “All subsequent positive test results were for students who were already in quarantine. None of the students in isolation or quarantine are symptomatic at this time. No positive case to date has resulted from in-class transmission or from other on-campus activities like office hours, library usage or meals.”

They said students in isolation are checked on multiple times a day by HWS staff and by health department officials from Ontario County. They receive meals and other deliveries throughout the course of the day.

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“The Dining Services staff is working to upgrade meals and meal delivery to those in isolation and quarantine, and the Colleges are improving internet capacity at the isolation facility, scheduled for completion today. If any faculty or staff have materials that need to be delivered to students in isolation or quarantine, please drop off or send those materials to Campus Safety, and we will arrange to have them delivered,” the letter continued to the campus. “For students who need access to materials that are on reserve in the library, we are asking instructors to scan relevant pages (with support from academic coordinators, if necessary) and send them to students in electronic format.”

The health center on campus has added weekend hours, too.

“As we continue to emphasize the critical importance of face coverings in stopping the spread of COVID-19, we want to be sure that everyone is aware that the use of gaiters is no longer acceptable, per the CDC. In July, when the CDC approved of them, HWS ordered gaiters with athletics logos for the community. In August, the CDC changed its recommendation and, as a result, the use of gaiters as a substitute for other approved forms of face coverings is no longer acceptable on campus. Appropriate face masks were distributed to every student upon arrival to campus and continue to be available in Campus Safety,” the letter said. “The ability to identify and contain positive cases on campus emphasizes both our preparedness for exactly this kind of situation as well as our collective responsibility to take very seriously the use of appropriate face coverings and social distancing.”