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Theater operators growing frustrated with lack of guidance from NYS on reopening

There’s growing frustration among theater operators in New York State as officials lag on giving clear guidance about COVID reopening.

The theater industry, which was struggling before the pandemic arrived, has been gutted by the virus and associated economic shutdowns.

Here in New York it’s unclear when these facilities might reopen, or what it would take to reopen them.

Like a lot of other industries, Governor Andrew Cuomo has not given any indication what it might take to reopen. Operators have simply been waiting to hear what might be some guidance for the future.

“It’s frustrating,” said Brett Bossard to the Ithaca Journal. He’s the executive director of Ithaca’s Cinemapolis. “It’s not like we’re ready to open tomorrow anyway, but we want to be included and provided with adequate guidelines.”

In the coming days, will sit down with a local theater operator as part of our Debrief series on economic reopening in New York.

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