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How to clean vinyl siding: signs that it is time to pressure wash your house

If you don’t know how to clean vinyl siding, the most popular way to do it is to use a pressure washing method. Of course, there are some other techniques to wash your cladding. However, they may not be so effective as removal of debris, mildew, or algae requires efforts, and a soft sponge with a bleach solution can eliminate only a small part of dirt. To clean vinyl siding, Providence house owners have two options. The first one is to invest in professional cleaning services. The second one is to rely on your own skills and experience and try to DIY but before that, carefully studying the instructions and recommendation. In the case of a do-it-yourself strategy, you can buy a personal machine or rent it. But how to know it is time to use a pressure washer?

The following warning signs can help you to determine the right schedule in order to keep your house good looking and fresh, boost the curb appeal, increase home value, and ensure siding longevity:

Brown stains. Unlike aluminum siding, the vinyl version is more prone to damages, holes and cracks formation, and moisture accumulation causing such visual issues as stains. Brown stains can be a sign of poor cladding installation. Thus, rainwater is trapped under the siding causing not only aesthetic problems but also promotes the development of rot and fungus. In this case, there are two strategies: replace the siding or pressure wash it to liquidate rot, as apparently it will destroy the integrity of your house with time. So, regularly inspecting your exterior and washing the house can save you money in a long-term perspective.

Mold or mildew spots. To eliminate the mildew and mold spots on horizontal or vertical siding made of vinyl that can appear due to frequent changes in weather, wet climates, or inappropriate maintenance, you can also consider pressure washing. If during the house checking procedure, you have noticed only a few such stains, you can try to clean them with your hands compounding chemical-free solutions (vinegar – 30% and water – 70%) and using a soft cloth. But in case your cladding is captured by these unpleasant guests, only a pressure washing can be useful.

Dirty look. In locations where heavy rains and high winds bring more debris making your home looking really dull, the proper and timely cleaning can be vital for your exterior. Thus, the weather may result in the hidden issues, and walls, being affected by invisible hazards, can be in danger. You must inspect your cladding very closely, as due to poor maintenance, you risk to lose property value and spend even more for upgrading your exterior.

But what to do in case your cladding is irreversibly damaged, has faded, or it is simply old?

Professional installation services of vinyl vertical siding for your home

If you want to get a custom home exterior remodeling solution, choose cooperation with UBrothers Construction. A team of experts in renovation offers an assessment of the current siding condition, personal meeting with a project consultant, and affordable services of installation. Apart from installation of cladding their services include:

  • replacement of a wide range of window types and styles;

  • installation of exterior front doors;

  • re-roofing services.

The company is a perfect solution for any home improvement project with high ROI, quality guarantees, and a customized approach.

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