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Poll shows shrinking support for extension of NY on PAUSE, but many won’t feel safe until vaccine available

Some believe NY on PAUSE restrictions should last past May 15th.

But, according to a Siena Poll that number has shrunk beyond 50% of respondents.

The poll released on Monday showed 49% of residents say those restrictions, which shut non-essential businesses down should remain past May 15th.

However, 39% of respondents said it was safe to gradually reopen.

More than half of those who responded said they were confident that their business or employer would take the necessary steps to keep everyone safe from COVID-19.

However, the survey also found that more than 70% of respondents felt as though they wouldn’t feel safe going outside until a vaccine was widely available.

“In order for Capital Region workers to feel safe, it’s gonna take not only masks, testing, cleaning, a
treatment and social distancing but over half say a vaccine is necessary,” SCRI’s Director Dr. Don Levy said in a statement. “A majority of workers are very confident that their business will do all it can to keep them safe. Still, in this difficult time these numbers say that in most cases we’re going to have to tolerate a certain level of risk in order to go back to work anytime soon.”