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Cuomo: Parts of Upstate could begin opening as soon as May 15th

On Sunday, Governor Andrew Cuomo said the phased reopening of the economy will happen on a region-by-region basis after declines in hospitalization rate are observed for 14 consecutive days.

It could happen in parts of Upstate New York as early as May 15th.

On Sunday, Cuomo said there were 367 new deaths from the virus in New York State since Saturday.

It marked the first time in a month that less than 400 people died of the virus, which shut down the economy in mid-March.

“Still, 1,000 new COVID cases yesterday, to put it in focus. That would normally be terrible news. It’s only not terrible news compared to where we were,” Cuomo said.

Things deemed to be low-risk, like Upstate construction, could be among the first to reopen. However, it’s not clear what else will open, or when other things might open.

“Transportation, parks, schools, beaches, these are all coordinated activities, right? You turn one, they all have to turn. And that’s true for New York City, Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester, they all have to be coordinated. And again we’re working with local businesses and leaders to do that,” Cuomo added.

He added that it would be difficult to imagine Phase 2 being completed without reopening schools.

Cuomo said sports may have to reimagine their business model to make themselves work without an audience.

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