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Horoscope in 2020: Horoscope prediction for 2020

The horoscope prediction for year 2020 gives a deep insight into what the year holds for the different zodiac signs. The fact that the previous year has not been good for you doesn’t mean 2020 has the same in store for you. You have to understand that there are different phases in the life of an individual and these periods are ruled by the planets and stars in your natal chart.

The horoscope prediction for 2020 gives you a glimpse into the favorable and unfavorable events that the year holds. Understanding these helps you to prepare for the future and also gives the strength you need to overcome all the obstacles that may come your way. Would you like to know what the year 2020 holds for you in terms of health, money, love, career, and family? has the answers for you.

General Horoscope Prediction for Year 2020

The astrology has predicted that the year 2020 will be a great and refreshing year for all 12 star signs. It’s a year filled with great opportunities where your success mainly depends on the specific choices you make. It has been predicted that there will be a sequence of changes in the Capricorns’ lives, which will lead to financial gains.

The second part of the year 2020 has love in store for single Scorpio and Aries as they will have the opportunity to fall in love. The Taurus is also not left out in the blessings of love as their love life will be highly satisfying in the year. For the Leos, great health all through the year is certain and the Pisces will enjoy great open doors of success in the year. The year 2020 will be a great year for the Pisces as they will have the opportunity to achieve their strongest wishes and get recognized for all their achievements. They will get a lot of help from the stars and will achieve everything their hearts desire. Money will be a great friend of the Pisces this year.

Love, Career, and Money Prediction for 2020

  • Love

For Sagittarius and Cancer, the year 2020 is a year of love. They will be closer to their family and find love. The months of June, July, and November will be the best time for marriage for them. Single Scorpios and Aquarius will also have luck with love and they’ll build close and long-lasting love relationships.

  • Money

Libra and Capricorn will have great support in professional and career fulfillment. The first eight months of 2020 will bring you great opportunity to establish numerous contacts with people from different walks of life. You’ll make and develop lasting professional relationships that will bring immense financial benefits.

  • Career

Year 2020 will bring career fulfillment to those that are ready to act with high level of tenacity and diplomacy. You should seek to integrate into a group where you have similar interest and goals. It may be a foundation, professional association, or hobby. Try to avoid tensions and blockages at work around March to May, and August to September, especially. Also, do not mix financial interests with group activities as both are not a good combination.

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