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Canadian border will remain locked down for at least 30 days, likely longer

The United States and Canada have agreed to extend border restrictions for another 30 days, as the Coronavirus pandemic continues to rock both nations.

The border is effectively closed for the next 30 days, although officials from both countries believe it will last significantly longer.

“The agreement is the same terms. It’s just extended for another 30 days. It will ensure we continue to get essential goods and services back and forth across the border,” Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said.

While President Donald Trump said that border would be among the first to reopen, he didn’t suggest a timeline for that, nor did he suggest that it would be happening anytime soon.

Essential cross-border workers like healthcare professionals, airline crews and truck drivers will still be permitted to cross. Truck drivers are critical as they supply grocery stores and medical goods in both directions. Much of Canada’s food supply comes from or via the U.S.

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