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First wave of SBA, PPP loans arrive for small businesses across the region

There might be a lot of unknowns around the U.S. and region about the Small Business Association loans, which turn to grants if used for payroll and other approved expenses.

However, even with those unknowns, some businesses have started seeing the funds arrive.

Applying was a nightmare for RJ Holbrook. He’s the CEO of Holbrook Heating Inc.

“Before all this happened we had right around 250 employees. We, unfortunately, had 60 either take voluntary layoffs because they had kids they needed to take care of or you know workload for us slowed down very rapidly,” Holbrook told WSYR.

Businesses had mixed expectations.

“There is no way anyone can expect the SBA to handle this, I mean that’s just common sense they’re just not set up to handle anything like this,” said Holbrook. “By the time I got to the end of it more people were getting on the portal and it was starting to crash. I had 6 tabs open hitting submit. On the 30th time, it finally went through and I got an email notification.”

By April 11th the money arrived, and all 60 of those employees should be returning in the next couple weeks.

“It’s definitely a big win for my business and many others and it’s out there it’s going to come I’m not the only one, everyone is going to get it [funding]. It’s just a matter of time and making sure you have everything figured out and you follow the guidelines and it will come,” Holbrook concluded.

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