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Jeff Shipley announces his candidacy for New York State Assembly in 131st District

Jeff Shipley, President and CEO of the Seneca County Chamber of Commerce, formally announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination for New York State Assembly in the 131st District. The seat recently opened up when longtime Assemblyman and former Minority Leader Brian Kolb announced last week that he wouldn’t seek re-election in 2020.

Over the weekend, Manchester Town Supervisor Jeff Gallahan announced his bid for the seat, which came with a swell of GOP support from Ontario County.

Shipley, who is also Project Director for Seneca County’s Tourism Promotion Agency, a board member of the Seneca County Industrial Development Agency, a member of the Finger Lakes Regional Airport Advisory Committee and the Chairman of the Board for the Chamber Alliance of New York State, is running to provide a strong voice for local businesses and local values. As Assemblyman, he pledges to fight back against the agenda of Governor Cuomo and New York City progressives, an agenda that’s hurt our economy and emboldened illegal immigrants and dangerous criminals at the expense of hardworking, law-abiding families.

“Right now, our communities are suffering from the dangerous, dangerously out-of-touch agenda being pushed by Governor Cuomo and his New York City cronies,” said Shipley. “While President Trump has pushed a pro-growth agenda that’s benefitting the rest of the country, Cuomo’s anti-growth strategies are devastating our local economy and driving good, hardworking people out of New York State.

“Through my work as President of the Seneca County Chamber of Commerce, along with my statewide business advocacy efforts, I’ve seen firsthand just how hard the governor has made it for our local economy to succeed. I’m running for Assembly to help make Main Street businesses thrive again, and to give our truly unique tourism industry the support it needs to grow, develop and create new opportunities. As our next Assemblyman, I will fight to create more, better opportunities for the working class men and women that make up our region.

“I will also fight back against the runaway social activism that’s attacked our values and made our communities weaker. I’ll lead the effort to repeal the farmworker labor laws that have increased costs on struggling family farms and decreased take-home pay. I’ll push back against the green light law that gives drivers’ licenses to illegal immigrants. This has endangered public safety, blocked law enforcement’s access to critical data and paves the way for rampant voter fraud. It needs to go and I won’t rest until that happens.

“The radical bail reform laws also need to go. We value law and order, and the elimination of cash bail is just another liberal handout that rewards criminals at the expense of our safety and the well-being of our law enforcement community. The governor has disrespected and ignored the concerns of law enforcement for too long, and as our Assemblyman I will work to stop that.

“In addition to the attacks on our law enforcement, the governor’s attacks on our Second Amendment have been relentless. I’m a native of this region. I know just how important our right to bear arms is to our heritage and values. Our sportsmen deserve a true advocate, someone who knows that gun raffles aren’t a threat to community safety; they’re major, important fundraisers for our volunteer organizations. If elected, I will support and protect these events, and will not stand by the assault on our constitutional rights.

“I’m proud to come from, live and work in the 131st Assembly District. It’s home to me. I’m running for Assembly to be the loud, proud voice our communities and our shared values deserve. Whether that means supporting our local businesses or working to ensure our veterans’ cemetery receives the state and federal funding our nation’s heroes deserve for their service and sacrifice, I promise I will be the fighter we need and deserve,” he concluded.

In addition to his work in Seneca County, Jeff Shipley has a long history of service to the entire 131st District. He’s worked for the Ontario County Tourism Bureau and co-founded the Finger Lakes Young Professionals to provide development and collaborative opportunities throughout the region. He is a graduate of Geneva DeSales High School, St. John Fisher College and the Leadership Geneva program. He has also served as a legislative staffer to the New York State Assembly Office of the Minority Leader. He currently lives in Waterloo, with his wife Abigail.