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Small business owners concerned over paid sick leave proposal

Governor Andrew Cuomo is making a push for paid sick leave at businesses across New York State.

Al and Marybeth Giglio own Harry G’s New York Deli and Cafe. They’ve owned it for the last eight years.

They give unlimited sick days to their employees. When someone tries to come in sick – they send them home. “We’ve got a great staff,” said Marybeth Giglio to 13WHAM. “My concern is the people new and who go through months of training then start calling sick, then a month later they take a job somewhere else.”

The policy could be abused, and that’s what some small business owners are concerned about. “If you’re sick and miss time and have to pay for medicine and don’t get paid that could be hard,” said Stephen Newbury. He’s a cook at Harry G’s.

New York’s director of the National Federation of Independent Business, Greg Biryla said more specifics need to be seen from the Governor’s office.

“Just because it’s mandated doesn’t mean a small business couldn’t afford it before, and can’t afford it now,” said Biryla.