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Victor CSD calls bus incident ‘unfortunate and unacceptable’ as investigation begins (video)

Outraged parents seek answers after wild incident caught on camera

Victor parents are speaking out after a chaotic incident on Tuesday near a local bus stop.

On Tuesday, a video shot by a parent went viral locally – as parents stood outside a parked bus, while their kids were on it – unable to get off.

One parent, Candice Ramos, posted to Facebook after the ordeal, explaining what happened, and why it unfolded how it did.

The video showed a scene of pure chaos.

The bus stopped shortly before the location of the designated bus stop inside a complex in Victor. The driver turned the bus off at that point, and left the doors shut.

The bus was already late, and Ramos says students were threatened because they were being too noisy.

“The school bus driver and monitor decided the kids were talking too much,” she said in the post. She says that the kids were not fighting and that nothing was actually going on, on the bus. “They were just talking.”

She says the bus was pulled into an unidentified parking lot before they left the school, and told the kids they weren’t leaving until it was time they were supposed to be home.

Ramos says that’s when kids started to ‘freak out’.

“They were crying, wanting to go home,” she continued. “My son was on the bus crying for 30 minutes or more as most of the kids were.”

She says they were fortunate that the cops were already in the neighborhood on an unrelated call. “Otherwise who knows how long they would have been on the bus.”

Ramos says her and other parents want the district to do better. “All the kids were doing that led to this was talking. Most days they aren’t allowed to speak on the bus at all,” she added.

The Victor Central School District responded to the incident on Wednesday, calling it an ‘unfortunate’ situation, and one that’s under investigation.

Here’s the district’s full-statement:

“An unfortunate and unacceptable situation occurred yesterday during the transportation of students on one of our buses. The driver, following procedures that are established in our transportation department,pulled the bus to the side of the road because he was unable to establish appropriate student behavior on the bus.

The situation grew so problematic that the driver contacted the transportation department requesting additional help onsite before he could continue transporting the students. The situation obviously developed into something that requires immediate attention from our transportation director and appropriate district administrators in order to establish steps and procedures to try to eliminate such occurrences.

The investigation has already begun.”

Check out the video below: