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Super Bowl Halftime Show Became The Most Anticipated Show Of The Year

The Super Bowl Halftime Show is considered as the half-time show during the Super Bowl final. However, after 52 seasons, the Super Bowl Halftime Show has gone far beyond the mere program. And until now, it has become one of the most anticipated stages in the United States.

In American culture, American football is the king’s sport and holds the majority of players in the betting market. In the United States, America football betting players can track the odds at various websites, of which Super Bowl Odds NJ is considered one of the most prestigious options. Because of that popularity, as soon as the Super Bowl was held, it became the most expensive television show in America. With an audience of hundreds of millions of people. Along with that, this is also the most costly advertising attraction program in the US. 

Following the Super Bowl, the Super Bowl Halftime Show is known as the half-time show in the American Super Cup Final, which is no less attractive to the audience.

The Super Bowl Halftime Show music program has been a part of the event since the first Super Bowl was held and broadcast in 1967. However, during the beginning of the Super Bowl Halftime Show, the Super Bowl was held at universities’ stadiums throughout the United States. Most performances will be performed by student bands with notable names such as Grambling (1967) and Up With People ( 1982). The venue for Super Bowl is the university that also influenced the pop music movement performed at the Halftime Show. Known from 1967-1990, the Super Bowl Halftime Show programs are mostly half-time, with topics surrounding the tournament and are directly related to representative schools.

The year 1991 was the turning point for the Super Halftime Show to become the most anticipated show of the year with the sponsorship of big brands, typically Pepsi. Therefore, the Super Bowl Halftime Show is invested more in scale with the advertisement and entertainment nature. The program continually invites on stage the stars of the music industry such as Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Justin Timberlake, etc. 

Also from the time, the Super Bowl Halftime Show was raised to the music stage of famous singers, not only pop but artists also focused music genres like Rock and EDM. The musical personalities that appear on stage, in turn, bring many messages about the United States and the message about love for the king’s sport. This is also the reason why the Super Bowl Halftime Show is becoming more and more attractive, especially with the technology development era today.

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