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Who is likely to be the NBA MVP this year?

The race for the NBA MVP award for this season is hotting up. The feeling from the Fox Bet sportsbook PA is that the way people are betting means that many people are torn on who will walk away with the top prize. With all that being said, we have put together our top four picks for who we think will be ending the season crowned as the MVP.

Giannis Antetokounmpo

This is possibly the most predictable choice that anyone could have come across. However, it goes without saying that Giannis Antetokounmpo is one of the most impressive players over the last decade. His pure athletic ability combined with game intelligence means that he is more than likely to be the MVP this season. This comes not just from watching him on the court – the stats also back it up. When Giannis has been playing, he has won 86.4% of the time. This is an incredibly impressive record and it is not a coincidence. When Giannis plays well, the Milwaukee Bucks play well. If he can lead them to a finals win, then there is no looking past Giannis as MVP this season.

James Harden

James Harden of the Houston Rockets divides opinion like no-one else. Many feel that his all-round game is not good enough to put him in the conversation for awards, but there is just no arguing with his ability to score points. This season, Harden is hitting an average of more than 37 points per game, which is actually slightly above his career average of more than 34. No matter what you think of his overall contribution, it is impossible to ignore his incredible point-scoring feats. It is actually a shame that Giannis is so dominant this season, because any other season, Harden would be a front runner to take the MVP award.

It is important to remember that the season is not over yet and there is still plenty of time for things to change. If Harden can keep up this level of form and Giannis suffers an injury or a loss of form, then there is a good chance that Harden could quickly become the front runner in the MVP conversation.

LeBron James

King James has a track record that puts him in the conversation for the greatest of all time. Although it is obvious that he is coming towards the end of his career now, he still has enough left in the tank to be a big positive influence on games for the Los Angeles Lakers. The emergence of Giannis means that he has been overtaken as the big dog on the court, but he is still putting in numbers that would make the vast majority of the league jealous. His 81% win record for the Lakers this season is extremely impressive and shows that he will be vital if they want to walk away as playoff winners come the end of the season. It will take something special over the rest of the season for LeBron to walk away as MVP this season, but it would be foolish to count out the great man. He might be coming towards the end, but he is not finished yet.

Anthony Davis

The signing of Anthony Davis went a little bit under the radar over the close season. With Kevin Durant and Kawhi Leonard taking all the headlines, it meant that Davis could just quietly get on with his game without having to worry about a media circus. He has done that very impressively. When LeBron and Davis are on the court together, they have won 81% of games and score on average more than 50 points between the two of them. This highly effective play means that Davis has shown why the Lakers went all out to get him in the offseason. He might be an outside shout for MVP this season, but if he keeps up this form, then he will definitely be in the conversation even if he just misses out at the end.

Most likely to win

It goes without saying that Giannis is the clear favorite to become the MVP this season. He is without a doubt the most impressive player in the NBA right now. The only thing that can stop him is an injury. It feels like even with a loss of form, Giannis would still be head and shoulders above everyone else. This season is his for the taking.

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