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Restraining order placed on parts of new farm labor law

A temporary restraining order is complicating a new law that went into effect on New Years Day.

A lawsuit filed by a group of dairy and vegetable farms caused the restraining order, which covers certain parts of the law.

During last legislative session, lawmakers approved the changes.

“The law is in effect for farm workers out there today, so the opportunity for overtime above 60 hours a week and to form collective bargaining units is in effect right now,” said Rick Zimmerman of the NYS Vegetable Growers Association.

Zimmerman continued by saying, “It is a very narrow order to hold the implementation of the law as it pertains to farm families and supervisors and other salaried employees on farms.”

He noted that parts of the law conflict with the National Labor Relations Act, and that there isn’t enough clarity inside it at this point.

A hearing is scheduled for January 24th.

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