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Teaching life lessons through eSports in Pal-Mac

Camaraderie. Teamwork. Communication. Friendship. Dealing with losing. Sportsmanship. Delayed gratification. Troubleshooting.

These are not words everyone associates with videos games, but at Palmyra-Macedon High School, they are the building blocks of their Ssports program.

“I’m getting a lot of students that aren’t typical sports/athletic students,” said Jeffery Cheramie, a teacher at Pal-Mac High school, and one of the coaches for the eSports team. “And these are students that are trying to make a connection to the school. And what we’re doing is we’re helping them make that connection. And we’re helping through eligibility with their grades, we’re helping them increase their academics, we’re helping them participate in school and become a part of the larger school community.”

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