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A week ago, with pumpkin season in full swing and a full moon rising, Derek Doeffinger headed out to the countryside an hour before sunset. He wasn’t looking for the headless horsemen who terrified Ichabod Crane in “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.” Instead, Derek wanted to find a full moon rising over a pumpkin patch.

Just as the sun set h found the perfect pumpkin patch south of Victor. It would be great for photography. Thousands of pumpkins were lined up by size on the ground and on shelves. Wandering about in the deepening dusk were a few eager buyers still searching for pumpkins. A young mom was posing her pair of toddling twins, crowned with pumpkin caps, among pumpkins bigger than them.

Illuminated only by the full moon, a tractor arrived, pulling a wagon load of pumpkins…

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