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CANDIDATE SNAPSHOT: Evelyn Naragon Buisch looks to bring Geneva back to former glory

Lifelong Geneva resident and Transportation Administrative Coordinator at Ontario County ARC Evelyn Naragon Buisch says representing Ward 4 on City Council would mean an opportunity to help return the city to what she calls a better time.

The Republican-endorsed candidate was born and raised in Ward 4. She’s lived in the same house in Ward 4 for 45-years. However, a recent trend has been troubling Buisch. It’s the city’s discernible decline, both in pride and prestige. 

“We always end up in the paper for something negative,” Buisch said.

Buisch claims that there is a “disconnect” with the Geneva Police Department and calls for greater transparency across the fire and police departments as well as city government to ensure that the voices of all residents may be heard.

“They don’t have that comfort level at communication,” Buisch added.

Despite perception, Buisch believes that Geneva offers much upside including the prominence of Hobart and William Smith Colleges and Finger Lakes Community College as well as the revitalization of downtown, particularly among sole proprietorships.

But ultimately for Buisch, she wishes to bring a certain sense of pride and ownership back to Geneva in an effort to change public perceptions about the community.

A perception that she seeks to focus upon in-office addresses the lack of access to diversified housing, which is still an issue that Buisch “feels torn” on.

While Elmcrest and Lyceum Heights are independent living options for elderly residents, Buisch claims that alternatives still exist in Geneva, especially with the recent remodeling of downtown buildings that have been modified into residences for tenants.

“It’s just they have the blinders on certain neighborhoods or certain things that they hear instead of being able to go and find-out,” Buisch continued.

Buisch also advocates for residents to take advantage of the city’s resource center in the hopes to find and secure better housing options.

As for code enforcement, Buisch notes that “it has to be uniform across the board” and acknowledges that some landlords cannot simply afford to maintain upkeep on their properties.

She is interested in exploring and finding potential grant funding opportunities, which may offer financial assistance to landlords in covering the costs for certain home repair projects.

If elected, Buisch also wishes to address key issues regarding the landfill dispute with Ontario County and lowering taxation.

As a registered Democrat, Buisch argues that the city is divided along staunchly partisan lines.

In her mind, party politics in Geneva have never been about “let’s do what’s right for the community,” as she puts it.

Buisch was adamant about being eager to run for office after she was approached by the Republican Town Committee and admits that her opponent, Democratic Party Ward 4 incumbent candidate Ken Camera carries much experience with two-terms on City Council, she considers change as a crucial for accurately representing all of the ward’s residents.   

“But sometimes you just need a change,” she said.

In closing, Buisch classifies this election as a choice between new versus old ideas and who shall represent Ward 4 by next year.

“Let me get out there and represent my area cause I know some sections of Ward 4 don’t feel that they’re represented or heard. It’s all perception,” Buisch said.

She considers herself “fresh” to the city government and how it works.

“Just really think about what you want when it’s time to vote,” Buisch concluded.

Listen to the full conversation with Buisch below:

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– By Gabriel Pietrorazio

An undergraduate student at Hobart and William Smith Colleges, Pietrorazio has written for the Town Times of Watertown, Connecticut and Finger Lakes Times in Geneva, New York. He’s currently a reporter for FL1 News, and can be reached at [email protected].