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School-based health center possible in Penn Yan

Here is a situation many parents have dealt with: A son or daughter isn’t feeling 100 percent but goes to school anyway — only for the parent to get a call from the school nurse to pick up the child and take him or her to the doctor or an urgent care facility.

While it likely won’t happen until sometime next year, that scenario could be a thing of the past in the Penn Yan school district.

District officials are working with Penn Yan-based Finger Lakes Community Health on starting a school-based health center in the nursing suite at Penn Yan Elementary. Mary Zelazny, chief executive officer of FL Community Health, recently made a presentation to the school board.

“School-based health centers are not a new concept around the country, although there are very few around here,” said Zelazny. “They are very successful because you get the kids where they are at — in the schools.”

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