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SUMMER’S LAST GASP: Hot, humid, and heavy rain possible over next 24 hours

The remainder of the week is going to offer a full-spread of weather here in the Finger Lakes, according to local forecasters.

FLX Weather Meteorologist Drew Montreuil called it a fall rollercoaster in an update on Tuesday, citing a wide-range of types of weather that could be expected through the weekend.

It starts out muggy. Temperatures will push into the mid- to upper-80s. Dewpoints will be high, creating a thick atmosphere during the afternoon hours.

Montreuil says that scattered thunders will move southeast towards the Finger Lakes during the late-afternoon hours. “These storms should weaken as they cross Lake Ontario and move into the region. Still, there will be a small chance for a stronger storm with damaging winds, especially along the Lake Ontario shore,” he explained.

Meanwhile, the National Weather Service says that locally heavy rain will be possible during the late-afternoon, evening, and overnight hours heading into Wednesday.

Call it summer’s last stand, because by Friday temperatures will struggle to climb through the 50s.

Forecasters across the board are saying that temperatures will hover in the 50s for the second half of the week. By the weekend, temperatures should push into the 60s, but warmer air is not expected.

Check out Montreuil’s full-report here by visiting

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