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Candidates in Geneva, Seneca Falls both vow to donate salaries if elected

A pair of candidates for local office are pledging to donate their salaries if elected in November.

Geneva City Council Candidate Benjamin Vasquez said in a statement earlier this week that if elected, he would donate his annual salary back to local charities and causes that would help the community.

“Public offices should not be a ‘job’, it should be about serving your community,” Vasquez said in the statement.

On Tuesday, Seneca Falls Town Board Candidate Joshua Larsen echoed Vasquez’ sentiment – noting that he would do the same if elected in November.

Both are registered Republicans, running on the Republican line in their respective communities.

An earlier version of this story included a statement from Larsen, which used Vasquez’ words. Larsen corrected the oversight, which was identified by the Vasquez campaign.

Larsen says that it was an oversight on his part; and that his reasons for giving back his salary if elected stand on their own.

“I’d like my salary to help put gifts under the tree for children that are less fortunate around Christmas, help put food on the table for those who are struggling, or even help buy school supplies for local children in need,” Larsen said. “It’s a great feeling to be able to give back to the community.”

Vasquez, for his contribution to the idea, said that he was happy to see other candidates in the area jumping on-board to give back their elected salary.

“I applaud him for making the decision to donate his salary,” Vasquez added. “I’d encourage more candidates and elected officials to do the same.”

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