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Residents warned as algae blooms grow in numbers around Canandaigua Lake

Stay out of shallow areas of Canandaigua Lake.

That’s the message from those watching intensifying blue-green algae blooms along Canandaigua Lake’s shoreline.

The Canandaigua Lake Watershed Association reported areas that show significant worsening of condition.

“Although yesterday’s blooms were not experienced lake-wide, the areas they were observed were severe in some cases,” an update on Tuesday said. “Reported blooms were seen in coves, shallow beach areas, by docks, or trapped in corners of a break wall — areas where blooms get trapped or pushed by wave and wind action. Unfortunately, these easy-access areas are also where people are most likely to enter the water or have their pets swim. With lake conditions changing so frequently, it may not be worth the risk of having pets swim in the lake. Even areas that look clear may not be low-risk.”

A dozen samples were collected, to be tested at the Finger Lakes Institute. If those samples come back with high levels of blue-green clorophyll, then they will be sent to the state to be analyzed for toxins.

“While FLI results should be forthcoming in a few days, the toxin analysis can take much longer. This emphasizes the need to use extreme caution when recreating in the lake,” added the organization.

Rainfall would elevate some of the concerns. However, there isn’t expected to be any significant rainfall over the next 5-7 days. That being said, local experts are suggesting that residents use extreme caution while on Canandaigua Lake’s most-shallow parts.

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