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Chad Campbell denied parole for 1999 double Palmyra Murders

Every two years, Chad Campbell comes up for parole. As soon as he is denied parole for the double, brutal murders in August of 1990 of Cindy Lewis, his 15-year-old Palmyra-Macedon Central School district classmate, and Curtis Rizzo, the 17-month-old boy she was babysitting, the process for the victim’s families begins all over again. 

It was a hot August week when Cindy and Curtis went missing. The community held its breath in the days before the bodies were discovered. Chad Campbell, 14 years old at the time, even helped in the search for the two children. He quickly became a suspect and eventually told State Police Investigator David Gould (Retired from State Police and current Cayuga County Sheriff) that he started off killing animals. “Once I heard that, I knew he was capable of murder,” said Gould.

A short time later Campbell admitted killing Cindy Lewis and Curtis Rizzo. He eventually led police to where he threw the murder weapon, a long knife, tossed about 25 yards from where the bodies were found, in a field behind the Palmyra-Macedon Middle School.

Campbell told investigators that he had lured Cindy to the location with a phone call saying it was urgent she meet him.

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