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SAFETY MOMENT: Don’t zone out while driving this fall

Situational awareness – Knowing what is going on all around you and having the ability to:

– Identify;
– Process;
– Comprehend;
– Respond to;

All too often we catch ourselves and others with our heads down looking at our mobile handsets unaware of what is going on around us – a visual, cognitive and manual distraction.  In addition we can often find ourselves zoning out of the task at hand, perhaps because it is a task that we do every day without incident – cognitive distraction.  Perhaps we zone out by trying to multi task through a process that then becomes a cognitive or manual distraction.  In all of these situations we have lost our situational awareness.

How do we avoid these pitfalls?  We call it “zoning in”.  We take an extra moment to center our minds around the task, whether it be lifting a heavy piece of equipment, or checking our blind spots in our vehicles. Zone in!


Kyle Black is the district manager for Seneca Meadows. Safety is the company’s number one core value, and weekly safety talks with employees are just one way that the company helps foster a safety culture.

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