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Police investigate after mural damaged by vandals in Newark

A mural created by student and adult volunteers depicting scenes of Newark’s past was damaged by a vandal or vandals Friday evening.

The mural under the South Main Street (Route 88 bridge) was recently completed by Newark High School students, as well as members of Mural Mania, led by Mark DeCracker of Lyons.

The second phase of the mural project — begun in 2018 — had been up for only a short time when someone with a sharp object ripped out some of the fabric artwork, which had been created at Newark High School by students and then affixed to the bridge abutment earlier this summer.

It was a continuation of the mural that was painted on the abutment last summer, DeCracker said.

Painting on fabric allowed students to do the work at school, as opposed to on-site, he said.

“It’s not right,” DeCracker said. “We’re trying to encourage tourism on the canal and we run into this.”

DeCracker said he’s been asking the village if it could add some lighting down by the mural for both aesthetic and security reasons. He also believes the area needs more security cameras.

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