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Mobile home park passes electrical inspection after 40 days without power

The mobile home park in Lyons that has been without power for nearly six weeks has passed its first inspection.

The New York Electrical Inspection Agency passed the distribution system at the Canalside Mobile Home Park on Tuesday afternoon. The town was actually impressed with the equipment saying the park went above what was needed to pass. The code enforcer says the next step is to make connections to the homes. News 8 is told that work should begin on Wednesday.

Richard Bogan, the code enforcer for the town, says park owner Phil Provenzano brought in extra workers who put in some very long hours. The site boxes and risers are now in place. Provenzano will now be working with gas and electric to do the remaining hookups.

“Mr. Provenzano tells me he is going to start work immediately to hook the individual mobile homes into the site boxes,” said Lyons Code Enforcer Richard Bogan. “They worked hard at it and they got the job done, so I guess I’d have to commend the crew out here.”

But park resident Destiney Mantooth, who has remained in her home throughout the power outage, is cautiously optimistic.

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