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Port Byron schools looking for Special Patrol Officer

The Port Byron Central School District is still scrambling to put a police officer in their schools this upcoming year. They will not reach that goal by Sept. 1st. However, the district and the Cayuga County Sheriff’s Office are doing everything they can to fill that position by this year.

The district did have a retried state trooper as their school resource officer for four years, but after the civil service commission in Cayuga County had questions about how they were getting paid, the village decided not to renew that contract. Now, Port Byron schools are without full police protection this coming fall.

“Kids love having an officer here, they feel safer. Us having a police car in the parking lot just when you come to our building it changes the layer of security just seeing that police car there,” said Neil O’Brien, Superintendent of Port Byron Schools.

O’Brien reached out to the Cayuga County Sheriff’s Office a couple of months ago. Since then, the police union has been in negotiations with the county legislature.

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