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Macy’s Backstage brings new experience for shoppers at Eastview Mall

The first Macy’s Backstage Store in Rochester has opened at the Eastview Mall, on the second floor of Macy’s. The outlet will provide discount brand-named items.

Some shoppers are excited but for others, it’s just another store.

“I actually asked one of the sales associates about it and she told me it’s going to be like a TJ Maxx, or a Marshals. And personally, I don’ have any success going in those stores I know a lot of people do, not me and so I’m not that really excited, doesn’t matter to me I guess,” said Linda Taylor, a Pittsford resident.

“Yes I would, I would really give it a shot,” said Shery Reinhart, a Victor resident.

Called a store within a store, the new outlet is located on the second floor of Macy’s. More than 200 locations like this are around the country.

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